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Writer’s Block

28465536_sI haven’t written for a couple of weeks, not because of I’ve busy, but because I genuinely have had writer’s block.

I keep trying to think of topics to write on, and then dismiss them; do you really want to know about every single scab of Dylan’s chickenpox? Do you really want to hear the social media storm of ‘Cat in a Van’ (if you are friends with me on Facebook, you’ll have been bored to tears by the tale!)? Do you want to know what fun I had at the weekend? No, I didn’t think so.

This blog is meant to be based on my #40b440 achievements and in the last couple of weeks, they have, I must admit, been pretty run of the mill.

I’ve done my 15. Practice yoga every day (albeit, sometimes just before I go to bed when a quick sun salutation and savasana are the only things I can muster the energy to do), I’m still struggling with 31. Once a week make a meal from from of our many cookbooks and still trying 34. Take the stairs at every opportunity!


The only big milestone I’ve completed is 1. Change a bike tyre but I can’t write a whole, interesting blog about getting a puncture, coming home and being taught to change a tyre!

So I need some inspiration. I need to blog-search and, so that’s what i’m going to do. If you have any ideas, links, thoughts, do let me know: or comment here!

yogi - white back

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