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My Happiness Experiment

Last week a friend sent me an article: A Happiness Experiment: Can You Make Every Day Feel Like Saturday?

With great excitement I read that apparently we are most happy on a Saturday at 7.26pm and obviously I wanted to put this to the test – so I did my own Happiness Experiment.

As per the article, over 10 days I tracked:

  • What I ate and drank
  • How many hours I slept
  • Any major events (i.e. parties, dinners with friends, etc…)
  • How much exercise I’d done
  • A short summary of how I felt at the end of the day
  • A 1-10 rating for the day (10 being a perfect day)

I didn’t go into as much details in my results as Mikael Cho did, but I found the following:

I paid more attention to what I ate and drank. When I was out, for example on a Friday night with friends, I didn’t count my drinks, but did pay attention to what I was eating.

I sleep way more than I thought I did at weekends, peaking at a whopping 9.5-10 hours, but less than I thought during the week, averaging of 7.5 hours per night.sleep

I exercise for an average of 1 whole hour a day – not including my lunchtime walks at work.


Plus I am not much more happy at the weekend than I am during the week!happy

The conclusion I drew from this experiment is that whilst sleep and exercise don’t have a huge affect on my happiness (although I don’t really think 10 days is long enough to show a true result, plus it was a good week for exercising), my job, a great group of friends and a wonderful family, do!

I found the experiment really interesting and whilst we can all make small changes, life really is pretty good!