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Hello Lulu!

Having designed invitations and party stationery over the years for my birthday parties, wedding and get-togethers, friends started asking me to design for them too, and I realised that there just might be a business there!

All my stationery is completely bespoke (I will ask a lot of questions to get it just right!) and I can arrange printing or send you the files to print yourself.

Why Lulu though? As a child I had a beautiful Siamese cat called Lily, whose nickname (yes, she had a nickname!) was Lulu. My mum and I used to make up stories of where she went and what she got up to when we weren’t looking. We’ve even been talking about writing a children’s book, for 25+ years but that has yet to happen! So, in the meantime, Lulu seems a fitting name for my business and a nod to the beautiful girl.

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