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Why does my ego get in the way?

Bike Events London to Windsor

Bike Events London to Windsor

Yesterday I bought a new bike in preparation for my London to Windsor ride in two weeks. Today I took the bike back.

What’s this got to do with ego?

I thought I needed a new bike because my existing one has flat handlebars and only 8 gears. I thought that if I had drop handlebars and 16 gears, I would be taken more seriously as a cyclist.

I was wrong.

I let my ego get in the way of what is right for me. Let’s face it: a) I have a steel rod in my back and b) I’ve had an operation on my shoulder for arthritis, so really I’m not in any position to let my ego rule what’s actually good for me!

So today I fell in love with my old bike all over again. I forgive it for having 8 gears (but let’s face it, I don’t know how to work any more than that anyway!) but praise it for it’s flat handlebars and will just have to get over myself when other cyclists don’t say ‘Good morning’ in as sing-songy way as I do! After all, that’s their ego getting in the way… and sometimes their tight lycra!


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7. Take part in a charity bike ride – before


Last week I booked my charity bike ride as part of my #40b440 list – Bike Events’ London to Windsor on 29 August.

The ride starts in Richmond Green and travels through the pretty villages of the Thames Valley to Alexandra Gardens in Windsor. Whilst I could have chosen the mammoth 55 mile choice, Sam suggested that I want to enjoy it (and likewise everything on ‘the list’) so opted for the 37 mile on-road route.


Whilst the official charities, Greenpeace and Coppafeel, are great they aren’t as close to my heart as some others, so I have chosen to raise money for the Scoliosis Campaign Fund, a joint fundraising venture for both SAUK and British Scoliosis Research Foundation.

At the age of 14, I underwent spinal fusion surgery having a Harrington rod implanted alongside my spine to straighten my curvature caused by idiopathic scoliosis. Whilst it was and always will be a bit of a big deal, I lead a relatively normal life – the only thing is that I need to keep fit, which is where cycling comes in.

IMG_0515Please visit my Virgin Money Giving page and donate a much as you can to this great cause… see you at the finish line!