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I’m missing my #100happydays.

For over three months I had to find something to be happy about and now I miss it. I miss looking at everything and thinking, “Mmm… that might be my happy days”. I miss how even if my day wasn’t that great, I managed every day, for 100 days to find something to be grateful for, something to make and STOP and think how good life is.

So, I have decided to start my own, ongoing, hashtag – #everydayahappyday – just to keep me ticking over!

Here’s today’s little treat taken from the lake at Green Park, where I work:


Stop Waiting for Friday

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Stop waiting for Friday

I had got stuck in a rut. I spent my whole time waiting for my holiday in Mallorca. It wasn’t because I didn’t enjoy my family, my work and my friends but I thought that Mallorca held the secret to my happiness and that I could only be happy if I was there.

Thankfully, that all changed when I got there last June. Sam and I both fell ill (he much worse than me for five out of 12 days), the weather was rubbish in comparison to previous visits and the general atmosphere wasn’t what my brain had imagined it to be.

It was good though. It made me realise that I shouldn’t wait. I should start living each day and, along with the fantastic #100happydays, my life has improved beyond belief!