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My favourite blogs

Over the last year, whilst I have enjoyed blogging, I have struggled with it as well – where to begin, what should I write about, how should I end my blogs, etc.

During this journey, I have looked at others blogs and have found some real corkers – inspiring, imaginative, creative and amusing – so thought I’d share my faves with you….

Art of Brilliance7e71e533ddf6b08ff1cc3bdb10cff0ba

Andy Cope and Andy Whittaker’s  funny and inspiring blog about generally being brilliant!


Bright Bazaar Blogtoplogo

If you’ve seen my home with its muted tones, you’d think I wouldn’t like this blog, but I love the bright colours – and as Will say it’s his ‘colourful, make-you-smile style world’.


Bad Yogibadyogi

Not only does Erin Motz, The Bad Yogi, do some great online yoga classes, but her blog is brilliant. The Bad Yogi ethos is to be inclusive and non-judgemental – plus she’s a wine, cheese and red meat kinda gal, so right up my street!


Elle & Co.elle

Lauren Hooker is a graphic designer and business strategist who gives superb advice on  how to design, launch, and grow an online creative business, in this beautiful blog.

Danielle Zieglerdanielle-logo-low-res

As well as being a content marketer, Danielle writes this wonderful blog on health, well being, yoga and fitness.


The Mindfulness Projectlogo

The Mindfulness Project’s vision is to ‘create an innovative platform for sharing mindfulness with as many people as possible’ and their blog does just that, in a simple, clear way.


Fabric of My Life

Kate describes her blog as a ‘scrapbook of inspiration’ and it certainly is full of ideas for the home, travel, cookery, style – and you can even shop!


What I Wore Today26222057140_d1c480cb9e

Kasmira and I started chatting last year when I found her on Twitter. Kasmira not only publishes a photo every day of what’s she’s wearing, but also took part in a similar ’40b440′ challenge to me and ended up writing a guest blog for me.



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Happy New Year!

We had an awesome night with friends last night, getting home at ridiculous-o’clock and being allowed a lie-in by the most wonderful child, until gone 10am!

Suffice it to say, I’m having a lazy day in bed with the fam watching TV and eating pizza, catching up on the Twitter-verse and not surprisingly, everyone is writing about the New Year and resolutions.

This year I have decided not to have any resolutions; I’m STILL working on the 40 list, and feel that’s enough, plus I think that resolutions don’t stick: last year’s give up smoking, drinking and dieting didn’t work, so I’m trying a different tack!

This year I’m going to be happy, healthy and look after my nearest and dearest the best I can. That’s it!

Happiest of New Years! Abby x


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Colouring madness

I have a new hobby; colouring. It’s very trendy and a lot of people recommend it for mindfulness. I started because I have always loved colouring, but also to get me off my iPhone and iPad in the evenings… but this has backfired on me a little.

I started staying off my phone and pad, but I’ve become exceptionally anti-social and get so engrossed in my colouring, that poor Sam feels like he’s sitting alone.

And to make matters worse, I’ve now found iPad colouring apps, which are brilliant but, on the plus side I have joined a lovely, friendly Facebook group called Colouring Companions who share their work!

Here are a few examples of my new obsession:

yogi - white back

#40b440 – Check out my daily updates on Twitter and Instagram, plus see the full list in pictures on Pinterest.

Bad Habits

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They have a nasty little knack of sneaking back in, those bad habits. Whether it’s like the naughty monkey here picking his nose despite his Mum and Dad constantly telling him not to, or like me, worrying!

I had a small cause to worry this week, which of course turned into a MASSIVE cause for worry and ended up ruining a perfectly good day, with work colleagues and friends! No matter what I did, I couldn’t focus on anything other than this problem.

This is where my two friends, Mr Mindfulness and Ms Exercise came in and sorted me out! Mr Mindfulness told me to, “Sit down, breathe, think about it. Not embellish it. Just think about what the worst outcome could be. NOW, stop. Leave it there (stick a pin in it, let the balloon go, etc.) and move on.”

Ms Exercise then popped up adding her two-penneth in and told me to get some fresh air and go for a bike ride – which I did. I can’t seem to ‘over-think’ on a bike ride – possibly because I’m tearing down country lanes, avoiding potholes and cars determined to fling me off, so I have to be mindful/’in the moment’ or I could come a cropper!

I’m not saying that these two will sort out all your bad habits, but they certainly help mine!