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The first month of 40

I cannot believe it’s been over a month since my 40th birthday, and what an amazing day it was:

I went for a bike ride with the #TeamBadInfluences girls in the morning, followed by bubbles at Coppa Club, then finished getting everything ready for the party.

Birthday bubbles

My lovely friends arrived at 7.30pm as instructed (“Don’t be late – I don’t do late!”) and we had a ball! I got so many bottles of champagne, a balloon ride from the girls (no. 3 of my #40b440), a Thai Massage with the wonderful Katie Winterton, a flying lesson from my parents and brother & sister-in-law, and my lovely in-laws, Char and Kit, fed the troops a delicious ¬†curry.

Happy birthday

The following day was, suffice it to say, spent clearing up the bottles, glasses (not one broken!), plates, cutlery, decorations and tents, followed by a hairy dog at the pub.

Since then, life has returned to some sort of normality and frankly, it’s a bit dull. I need a challenge. I need to be kept busy (busier than normal, I mean – not just the every day work-life stuff) and I am determined to set more challenges… so watch this space!