Abby Lacey

The Final Countdown

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OK, enough of the ’80s cheese!

With just over a week, here are the (almost) final results of my #40b440 challenge:


1 Change a bike tyre
2 Build a campfire
4 Go to the opera
5 Visit Buddhapadipa Temple
6 Take a photo every day of something that makes you smile
7 Take part in a charity bike ride
8 Adopt the 10 second rule:  “You can stand anything for 10 seconds,” says Kimmy Schmidt. “Then you just start on a new 10 seconds.”
9 Write 40 blogs over the year
11 Go on a girly holiday
12 Learn all the functions on my camera
13 Give at least £10 to a different charity per month
14 Finish tattooing my back
16 Sew an item of clothing, using a sewing machine, from scratch
17 Go to Studio 42 and join a hot yoga class like a pro
18 Master Pull ups 
19 Roller skate to school (I say ‘done’ loosely! I stacked it half way there, smashed D’s water bottle and ended up hobbling to school looking like I’d wet myself!)
20 Unplug for 24 hours… at least (not including hols)
22 Compliment someone every day
23 Buy a sari
25 Drink champagne at Searcy’s St Pancras
27 Karaoke!
28 Watch Episodes from the start
30 Read a novel in its entirety, before watching the film
33 Have a flying lesson (a birthday pressies to come)
34 Take the stairs
35 Do the splits
36 Make a mentos/coke bomb
37 Start saving
38 Learn archery
39 Have lunch in Little Venice
40 Do less with more focus


3 Hot air balloon ride
10 Visit 12 different places in Britain that I’ve never been to before
15 Practice yoga every day, if only for 5 mins
21 Go on a yoga retreat (even for just a day)
24 Finally learn French
29 Visit an art gallery at least once a month
31 Once a week, make a meal from one of our many cookbooks
32 Banksy walking tour in Bristol

Not bad going, but as my school reports said, ‘Could try harder’!

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