Abby Lacey

Less than a month to go…

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Yesterday it was exactly one month to go before my 40th birthday. I thought by now I’d either be stressing frantically or wildly excited… but I’m actually pretty calm!

Whilst some people head into their 40s with a sense of impending doom, I actually don’t feel any different! It’s just a number after all, and, without sounding morbid, in this day and age, I don’t even feel like I’m half way through my time here and therefore I HAVE SO MUCH TO DO!

Besides, I still feel like I’m 17 – I still make mistakes, have regrets, am desperately silly but now I feel I just brush it off as ME! Don’t get me wrong, I still care way too much what people think of me (I am a founder member of Over-Thinkers Anonymous!) but I now appreciate there are millions of us out there and let’s just get on with it. Life is for living and not fretting about something you can’t change!

So bring it on…


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