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Heavenly Gowns – part 2

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Following last week’s post on Heavenly Gowns, as promised here is an update.

Today I received these photos of the beautiful gowns that Heavenly Gowns have made with my wedding dress.

When I saw them, I have to admit, I cried – it’s so bittersweet – I’m happy because my dress has gone to such a good cause, but I’m also sad for those babies, their families and the the doctors and nurses who tirelessly help.

Please support Heavenly Gowns if you can – they don’t just take wedding dresses – so check your wardrobe or loft and please donate if you can x

Heavenly Gowns UK is a voluntary non profit organisation set up to help bereaved parents & family members at the unimaginable time of the passing of a baby

The loss of a baby no matter how early or late in gestation can be a devastating time for any parent and family member.We at heavenly gowns uk have a budding team of volunteers who transform donated wedding/bridesmaid/christening and prom dresses into beautiful gown sets fit for angels; we also provide angel wraps and blankets.

We are currently working along side Sands to help provide hospitals, funeral homes and individuals who require these gowns. We hope with our small contribution we can bring comfort to families at this heartbreaking time.

We are a fairly new organisation who rely solely on donations/contributions whether it be helping make gowns donating dresses/materials or spreading the word.If you feel you can help us please get in touch. You can either email us or through our Facebook page.

One thought on “Heavenly Gowns – part 2

  1. Thank you for your kind words Abby it was a pleasure to work on your dress and I am glad that you liked the end result. Such a good cause. Yvonne

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