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Advent Challenge

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The Lacey's Advent Challenge
Spurred on by a post I saw on Twitter, I chatted to Dylan, 6 1/2, about doing an Advent Challenge this year and he jumped at the chance.

My idea was to do something kind every day (seeing as it’s the season of goodwill), but he… I mean we… decided that we should mix it up and do some silly stuff too!

So here’s our challenge, in no particular order; a lucky-dip-a-day, if you will:

  • Give something to charity
  • Hop or jump all day
  • Be positive all day
  • Open the door for someone
  • Find triangles, squares and rectangles all day
  • Buy a lottery ticket and post it through a stranger’s letter box
  • Say Merry Christmas to 6 people
  • Send a Christmas card to your neighbour
  • Sing a whole verse of a Christmas carol
  • Tell 3 people that you’re doing an Advent Challenge
  • Decorate the windows with snow spray
  • Sing Christmas carols at someone’s front door
  • Make your teacher a Christmas card
  • Tell someone you love them
  • Make paper snowflakes and hand them from the ceiling
  • Dance around to Christmas songs
  • Wear Christmas jumpers for a family selfie
  • Make a family Christmas song
  • Put a decoration on the village Christmas tree
  • Make a family Christmas decoration
  • Send Christmas cards to your friends
  • Write a letter to a friend
  • Make Christmas cookies
  • Hand some mistletoe and give out kisses

yogi - white back

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