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One of those days!

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I’m having one of those days. Not a bad day, but one where I can’t stop.


After a very busy week, work-wise, I could finally stop last night, so had an early night with a DVD. This morning I woke up feeling chipper and cracked on with the day – swimming with Dylan, Waitrose (the Saturday norm) only to come home and that’s when it started…

  • Washing
  • Sorting out Dylan’s toys to sell (a lot of them that never see the light of day)
  • Moving Lego from the playhouse back into Dylan’s room
  • Changing the playhouse above from Lego house, into storage-for-the-Winter/sitting room
  • Tidying outside sitting room
  • More washing
  • Showering, washing hair and defuzzing ready for a party this evening.

And now, when I could relax, I’m writing a blog. I can’t stop!

What is it about a busy week that stops you from just chilling out? Is it there a fear to stopping?

I’m off to do a little savasana and breathe…

Savasana cat

yogi - white back

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