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A very happy camper – part 2

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bodiamThe following morning, with heavy heads from a little too much rose, we headed to the medieval Bodiam Castle. Being a wonderfully warm and sunny day (I think the best day of the year), the sight of the castle was incredible – an archetypal 14th century moated castle.

After a rummage through the gift shop, and quick pitstop at the cafe, we walked through the grounds of the castle seeing authentic silversmiths and armourers working in a medieval village and then came across archery tuition – 40 arrows for £15; how could we say no?

Having done a little archery before; firstly in the back garden (where I could quite easily have killed a passer by with my flying arrow) and secondly in France with Vincent, a hyper-active activity leader at Parc de Ferbois, but not really had a proper lesson.

The tutor was amazing – he taught Sam, D and me, one by one, pulling our arms, tweaking our hips and generally moulding us to get us in the right position. Whether it was luck or just good teaching, I managed to hit the bullseye (the golden circle), a boar’s bum and a deer in leg!

Bodiam Castle (15)

Afterwards we headed to the towers where, having climbed steep and narrow spiral staircases, we reached the views over the beautiful Weald of Kent.

Finally, tired and hungry, we popped over the road to The Castle Inn for a spot of lunch before driving back to the campsite for… more rose!

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