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A very happy camper – part 1

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camp lacey

Camp Lacey!

On a sunny Friday afternoon, we bravely (or stupidly) drove round the M25 to the little village of Goudhurst in Kent. We were heading for Bedgebury Camping just outside the village; a Cool Camping-recommended site billed as: “Spacious, chilled-out camping with plenty of outdoor attractions nearby” and it didn’t disappoint.

Having stocked up on supplies on the way, we set up camp and before we knew it were tucking into barbecued sausages and chicken, and a chilled glass of rose. Dylan had (for the first time ever) bravely approached a boy of similar age and said, “Hey dude, what’s your name?” only to then disappear for the rest of the evening with Dude AKA Daniel.

By 10pm we were enjoying the brilliant night sky with (more rose and) my first ever campfire.


Having previously run pubs with fireplaces, you’d think I could start a fire dead easily, but alas, I always managed to find someone to do this for me (never one to get my hands dirty unless absolutely necessary!). Sam guided me through the process of it and actually it really is very easy (I even made one uninstructed the following night which roared like a lion!!).

Come back to find out about my experience with a deer, a boar and an golden circle!

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