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Failure is an option

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quitting is not an option

Because of other things going on recently, I haven’t managed to 15. Practice Yoga every day even if only for 5 minutes or 31. Once a week, make a meal from one of our many cookbooks. I know it sounds like an excuse and it probably is, but it is what it is.

There have been times when I’ve thought that I’m a failure: It’s so easy, how could I not complete the little tasks every day, week or month? What do I do now? Shall I just give up on the whole thing? Any then I thought, ‘NO’, failure may be an option but quitting is most definitely NOT!

I googled the phrases ‘failure is an option‘ and ‘quitting is not an option‘ to find a plethora of quotes, images, blogs and stories on the subject. Did you know Jonny Wilkinson turned to quantum physics and Buddhism to help his fear of failure and feeling of anticlimax? (The story was in the Daily Mail so not sure how true it is. You can read for yourself here.

An article on really resonated with me, How to Release the Fear of Failing: 20 Inspiring Definitions for Failure, and explores the theory that failure is all about one’s own perception and that we’re all similiar in our fear of failure.

Failure, it seems, is not always bad. When Thomas Edison was asked how he felt about failing 2,000 times to make an incandescent light bulb, he replied:


Quitting, on the other hand, is most definitely not an option and I tell myself that every morning…

“Every morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most.” – Gautama Buddha

So as much as I need to learn that it’s OK to not always succeed with my #40b440 list, I must never give up!

I’d love to hear your stories on (not) quitting and what failure means to you.

yogi - white back

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