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1 week down, 51 to go!

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It’s a week since my 39th birthday and I’m rolling with my #40b440 list.

At first I confused myself with what I needed to do when and how I was going to fit everything in, so being the list-maker that I am, I searched for a project management type software thingy-majig and came across Wunderlist. It’s pretty, has good reviews and can be shared, so from there you (and I) can track my progress:

Speaking of progress, I haven’t defaulted on any of my daily tasks. The easier ones, like posting a pic every day, have come naturally; the harder ones, like taking the stairs, less naturally! At work I have so far climbed the 66 stairs to my office, about 12 times (over 3 days), which isn’t bad going!

#ttmms #40b440Surprisingly, complimenting someone every day has been pretty easy, and more to the point, genuine. I’ve not been consciously telling people they’re gorgeous (well, apart from one friend!) and it feels really good!

The other one I’m loving is adopting the 10 second rule. I thought I’d apply it only to exercise, but actually, it’s nicely working its way into work and home life too.
10 second ruleSo, all going well but I’m conscious that I need to start planning as there are some big items on my list that can’t be done in a day. And that’s where the hard work starts…

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