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40 things to do before you’re 40 (#40b440)

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It’s only 4 days until I turn 39. That’s 4 days until the last year of my thirties and I’ve been thinking, as many nearly 39 year olds seemingly do! I’m not depressed by the thought, but I do think it’s a good time to make a list (as I do so well – my nickname is Monica after all!) of things I want to do before the big 4-0.

I’ve done loads of research (and there is loads out there on Google and Pinterest) and in comparing what I want to do with what others are wanting to do, I have found that:

a) I’ve been very fortunate to have done lots of things already in my life, including go on holiday alone, fly a plane, visit the Grand Canyon, win and lose in Vegas, celebrate New Year in a foreign city, go on safari, etc.


b) I don’t want to choose things that cost money – I’m trying to work myself out of debt, not into more of it!

c) I don’t want to be obvious – I don’t want to kiss a stranger, I’ve fallen in love so don’t want to do that again and I don’t really want to appear on TV!

Everything on this list must be SMART:


So, watch this space. By Thursday, 7 May, my 40 list (#40b440) will be live – wish me luck!

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