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Catching up

I’ve been struggling to write recently. I promised myself that I would keep a diary on holiday of all the things that made me laugh, smile and even a little bit cross, but that lasted all of three days (I may well post it anyway)!

In the last month or so poor Robin Williams has died (I won’t go into detail aboutĀ the various opionionsĀ surrounding this, but suffice it to say, it is very sad and I don’t think suicide is a cowardly act – I think to that person, it is the only option to find peace); Lauren Bacall followed and then Dickie Attenborough died last night; the ALS ice bucket challenge has gone viral – a fantastic cause but I saw this pic on Facebook the other day and it made me a little sad:


I don’t think I need to explain. Andy Puddicombe of Headspace’s challenge did make me chuckle though:


In my own world, I had a fab holiday touring France (went too quickly), caught up with friends, and now on a dreary Bank Holiday Monday, I’m preparing for four days without my lovely Sam as he goes off cycling in France (in the rain!). This will be the longest we’ve spent apart in 11 years and the longest Dylan will have ever been without his Daddy – we’ve got loads planned and I’m determined to have fun!

Right, I’m off for a game of backgammon with a 5-year old!