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Carry on Camping!

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So, I got to Crowborough from London, later than hoped, went on a Magical Mystery Tour on a bus and finally got to the campsite…

As I walked through the gate of the campsite, I thought how lovely it looked and prayed that Sam had managed to get the tent up without too much swearing, throwing objects around and being told, “You’re doing it wrong, Daddy”.

Alas my fears were confirmed when I saw Dylan in the car gesticulating and Sam throwing the tent around because it wouldn’t ‘bloody stand up’. I hasten to add that having had a very busy few weeks, our plan to practice putting the tent up prior to actually going camping was kiboshed so that the tent was still brand new, out of the box and stuck together! Finally the tent went up and we proceeded to unpack the rest of our car-full of gear.

The tent felt like home – it was ours and no one elses, mess yes, but ours!

The weekend went swimmingly with fry-ups both mornings, a little shopping in Tunbridge Wells (I found the most amazing shop: Jeremy’s Home Store where I bought the sign above!), a new blow-up bed for Sam and I (ours had a puncture and we ended up sleeping pretty much on the ground on Friday night), and food and booze galore!

Perhaps not a ‘real’ camping trip drinking Prosecco on a Saturday night whilst playing Ludo, but all the same thoroughly enjoyable! Suffice it to say, our next trip (after our glamping trip planned to France) is already booked and I’m thinking this could be the new thing for us – back to nature and all that… although I’m pretty sure I’m a fair weather camper and will always want a clean loo and a shower at the end of the day!


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