Abby Lacey

Bad Habits

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They have a nasty little knack of sneaking back in, those bad habits. Whether it’s like the naughty monkey here picking his nose despite his Mum and Dad constantly telling him not to, or like me, worrying!

I had a small cause to worry this week, which of course turned into a MASSIVE cause for worry and ended up ruining a perfectly good day, with work colleagues and friends! No matter what I did, I couldn’t focus on anything other than this problem.

This is where my two friends, Mr Mindfulness and Ms Exercise came in and sorted me out! Mr Mindfulness told me to, “Sit down, breathe, think about it. Not embellish it. Just think about what the worst outcome could be. NOW, stop. Leave it there (stick a pin in it, let the balloon go, etc.) and move on.”

Ms Exercise then popped up adding her two-penneth in and told me to get some fresh air and go for a bike ride – which I did. I can’t seem to ‘over-think’ on a bike ride – possibly because I’m tearing down country lanes, avoiding potholes and cars determined to fling me off, so I have to be mindful/’in the moment’ or I could come a cropper!

I’m not saying that these two will sort out all your bad habits, but they certainly help mine!

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