Abby Lacey

Ramblings of a happy camper!


I am part of the 29% that has completed #100happydays

Abby Lacey

In February 2014 I saw a friend’s post on Facebook consisting of a photo and the hashtag 100happydays. Knowing nothing about it, I Googled this hashtag to find a bright yellow website asking:



Not one to turn down a challenge I began my own 100happydays the same day and within a week found it had made a difference – not only did I feel better, but I started to see the world differently, searching out those little things that make us happy. Of the 100 days I posted on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram (some days all three if I was especially keen!), I admit I probably struggled for 5 which isn’t too bad considering it was over three months!

Once I finished my challenge, I dreaded the empty little hole I would have not having to find something to be grateful for, so decided to start my blog of the little things that make me and my family happy!


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