Abby Lacey

1 in 4 podcast

About me

I’m Abby Lacey and I’ve suffered for anxiety for as long as I can remember. I’m not a mental health professional but I am an advocate of speaking out and breaking the stigma attached to mental health.

In 2019, I started Mental Health Mates – Reading, a peer support group organising walks and talks for people suffering from mental illness, along with their family and friends.

Since then, I have made many friends and connected with so many likeminded people, so I thought it would be great to give them a platform to tell their stories. If this podcast can help just one person then my job is done.

About 1 in 4

1 in 4 came about after my good friend, Sarah, told me about a dream she’d had where we’d started recording our own podcast. A couple of days later, I received two emails about free podcasting courses. This was enough for me (I believe things come in 3s!) and after taking a course, I embarked on sorting artwork, made my own music and played with editing.

There are loads of mental health podcasts out there; most with celebs, but not many where real people are interviewed about their mental health, coping mechanisms, support and advice.

What’s involved

In these times of social distancing, I record via Zoom. All I ask is that you are sitting comfortably, in a quiet room where you’ll be undisturbed and have headphones with a built in mic, to optimise the sound.

We’ll start the call with a catch up – unrecorded – where you can ask any questions, confirm anything you’re unsure off and test the equipment.

Following a recent blip with my tech (where the first 10 minutes’ of the recording was corrupted – arghhh!), I will ask you to record the podcast too and send to me afterwards so we have a back up.

Once we hit record, we’ll turn the cameras off so you and I can speak freely without worrying about how we look, and also as it helps if there’s a dodgy internet connection.

If any time you want to pause, stop, re-record something, or even take break – that’s no problem.

What will we talk about?

Recording normally takes around 40 minutes, but we can take longer if you’d like – I won’t rush you or stop you in your tracks!

I’ll ask the following questions:

  1. How are you (really, not just  ‘yeah, great’!!)
  2. What’s our connection, i.e. why are you here
  3. What’s your mental health story?
  4. Coping mechanisms and support
  5. Best piece of advice you’ve received
  6. What you’d like to pass on

What will happen afterwards?

Once we’ve finished recording, I’ll edit the podcast and add the intros and outros, and when done send you a preview copy. If there’s anything you’re not entirely happy about, do let me know (with as much detail as possible, i.e. time in the recording) and we can sort it.

I’ll then let you know when, if I haven’t already, the podcast will be aired. I’m currently running 8-episode seasons so whilst you might record in January, the episode might not going out until April.


I like to add people’s names and photos on to the podcast and socials when advertising – it’s an important part of breaking down the stigma for me – however I know some might not feel comfortable or it might not be appropriate for a number of reasons, and I completely get it.

If you would rather use a pseudonym or a stock photo, please do speak to me and we’ll come up with a plan.


If you have any questions – nothing is too trivial – please get in touch via Facebook or email